Self Storage Preparation Tips

You can fit SO MUCH MORE into a storage unit if you take the time to prepare. Here’s some tips to help you.

Bedroom Furniture

To best protect your mattresses, cover them completely and store them vertically to help reduce space. Pack all cushions, pillows and other soft pieces in boxes and store them next to the bedroom furniture.

Bed bases should be disassembled is possible and stored lengthwise (either vertically or horizontally).

Bedroom Furniture Northland Storage Units


Remove all items from cupboards, cabinets and bookcases and pack them into boxes. Use packing tape and material to prevent glass doors from cracking or smashing. Lock doors or tape shut if not lockable. If cabinets have protruding or delicate edges, keep them separate from other items to prevent breakage.

Cupboards And Bookshelves


Rule number 1: If it can fit in a box, put it in a box. To assist with stacking and space, try to use the same size boxes.

Try to fill each box totally so that there is less chance of it being crushed or bursting. Fill it with packing material to help keep out dust.

Boxes Northland Self Storage Units

Office Files And Folders

To save time when searching through your stored documents later, make labels and categories for all your office files, folders and equipment and store them in flat boxes or archive boxes.

Don’t overfill these because they can get quite heavy. To avoid spine damage on books, pack them flat. Sensitive electronic equipment is best stored in its original packaging or suitable box. Remove all batteries to prevent any battery leakage over time

Office Files And Folders

Household Furniture

It’s important to wrap furniture carefully either with shrink wrap (preferable) or blankets to protect the coverings.

Make sure to wrap cushions in with sofas so that they stay together and try to fit furniture together, like chairs, so that they stack evenly.

Kitchenware And Crockery

The key word here is fragile, so wrap everything (particularly glassware) in tissue or packing paper, and ensure that you put extra packing in the bottom, sides, top and in any spare space within the box for added protection.

Mark the box ‘Fragile’ or use ‘Fragile’ packing tape. Another point to remember is to NOT stack these boxes underneath heavier boxes. Have them on top for extra protection.

Kitchen And Crockery Northland Storage Units