Self Storage Unit FAQ’s

Got a question about storage? Find all your answers here.

Yes. We have 24/7 CCTV coverage, security lighting, security patrols and fully secured units.
There are many reasons including, moving home and need some extra space, renovating or selling your home and need somewhere to keep your furniture or even because you need somewhere to put your personal belongings while you travel.
Book your storage unit online or give us a call. Booking online will require a deposit to hold your unit. If you’re not sure what size unit you need, ask our friendly staff or check out our storage unit size guide to get a better idea.
You’ll need to sign the paperwork in person at your storage centre – don’t forget your ID.
The minimum storage period is typically a week, however some centres are for 1-month. We automatically renew your lease each month, but the invoice is sent around 2 weeks in advance, so you have plenty of time to cancel if you wish to move out.
Move your stuff in. We can provide move-in trailers at no extra charge, and can recommend removalists if you need a hand getting your stuff to your storage unit.

You can store pretty much anything in our storage units including:

Appliances and electronics
Sporting equipment
Seasonal items
Files and documents
Books, magazines, newspapers, and DVDs
Vehicles, caravans, and recreational equipment
Just be sure to check out our list of things you can’t put into storage before you load up your trailer. These include items such as hazardous or dangerous goods, stolen goods and illegal goods.

It depends which size unit you need. Our small units (two sizes – 3m wide x 2m deep and 2m wide x 4.5m deep) are available from $14.50/per square metre per month, the medium ones (one size – 3m wide x 4.5m deep) are $12.00/per square metre per month and the large (two sizes – 4.5m wide x 10m deep and 4m wide x 12m deep) are $10.00/per square metre per month. If you have a need for something else, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff for a quote today.
Maybe you’re downsizing home and need a storage unit to act as the spare room you no longer have, or you’re culling the clutter in your home to free up space. You need somewhere to put your belongings during travel or even looking for somewhere safe to keep a collection or heirlooms without taking up space in your home.
Please see our Storage Unit Price And Size page to get an idea of which unit size will best suit your furniture storage needs.
Removalists can do this for you, however they are often expensive and may not be available when you need them. Call us and we’ll see if we can help you organise transportation.
1-month is our minimum. Our boat storage can be hired on a flexible month-to-month basis, so whether you need to store your boat for a month or a year, you only pay for what you need.

We have 3 sizes overall and two options in both the small and large units: small=2m x 4.5m and 3m x 2m. Medium=3m x 4.5m and Large=4.5m x 10m and 4m x 12m.
This means that you will be in contravention of the storage agreement. If this happens your strorage unit is locked down which prevents you from accessing your goods until the rent is paid.
No. It is up to you to organise your own insurance.
Yes. You can have 24 hour access to your storage shed. Our office hours are standard but your access is 24/7.
You must give at least seven (7) days’ notice of your intention to move out.
Food, live animals or pets, stolen property, plants, wet items and valuables are some of the items you should not store.
Use packing material when appropriate, such as paper, box fillers, blankets, shrouds etc to keep items separated and dry. Ensure that all oils are drained from machinery and vehicles if storing for extended periods.
If you stop paying we will wait a period of time between you going into default and your property going to auction. It’s usually between 30-90 days. Please talk to us first if you feel payment is becoming difficult.
No we don’t. But if you give us a call I’m sure we can work something out with a local provider.
It’s an outside facility. That is, the units are not inside a larger facility. Each storage unit is enclosed and has its own secure roller door.